The Isle of Wight College


Medina Way


Isle of Wight

PO30 5TA

United Kingdom

 Tel: +44 (0) 1983 526631

The Isle of Wight College is a General Further Education (GFE) College with a broad curriculum that reflects the needs of the Island community

The Isle of Wight College (the College) is the only FE college on the Isle of Wight  and offers a broad curriculum of both vocational and academic programmes.  Its main focus is level 3 provision for 16-19 year olds and it provides a service for not only young learners on the island but also for local employers. 

The College always strives to invest in its staff in order to provide the students with the most up to date and relevant education which prepares them for the global labour market. We are an Ofsted graded 'outstanding' college with a long history of receiving international students, including those on Leonardo/Erasmus+ programmes. We have approximately 8,000 full and part-time students across our programmes including apprenticeships.

Gausdal videregående skole, Pierre de Coubertin is located 20 km northwest of Lillehammer, the 1994 Olympic Host City.

The school offers three different programmes: General Studies, Media & Communication and Sports & Physical Education. All programmes qualify for higher education. The school has about 410 students and 55 teachers and 15 other staff.

For 15 years students and teachers have taken part in various international projects; Comenius, Leonardo, Nordplus and - recently -  Erasmus+. We consider participation in such projects very important, as it has a positive impact on learning, intercultural competence and personal development, and it is a natural part of being a European.

Being a Coubertin school, the school also promotes the ideas and qualities emphasized by Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, , and students take part in different international Coubertin events, e.g. the P. d. C. Youth Forum, which was hosted by the school in 2013. In 2016, Lillehammer hosted the Youth Olympic Games, and many of our students worked as volunteers there.   

Gausdal vgs - Pierre de Coubertin


Baklivegen 1477

2651 Østre Gausdal


 Tel: +47 61 22 42 00

Maximilian-Kolbe-Gymnasium Köln



51147 Köln



 Tel: +49 22 03 20 20 770

Maximilian-Kolbe-Gymnasium is a school of about 670 students and 70 staff members.

Due to its medium size, communication takes place easily and quickly. The school is located in the suburbs of Cologne close to the airport. Special characteristics of the school are all-day schooling and inclusion of students with physical or mental impairments. A lot of students have multicultural backgrounds. A high percentage of students as well as some teachers have multiethnic backgrounds speaking various languages.

One of the core aspects of the school’s curriculum is to integrate the students’ ethnic identities into our classes. Especially the subject of PE is considered to offer the opportunity to bring together students with different cultural backgrounds because it gives them the chance to not only excel academically, but also in physical exercise.

Geniko Lykeio Arfaron


27 Armeni  str.

24009 Arfara



 Tel: +30 27 21 05 22 12

Zespołu Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych w Szydłowie


Szydłow 57

97-306 Grabica


 Tel: +48 44 617 14 01

Siauliai "Romuvos" gimnazija


Dainų g. 7

 Šiauliai 78325


 Tel: 370 41 552901

Geniko Lykeio Arfaron is a state senior high that offers general education to students who are aged 15-18 years.

In A class they have a General education curriculum and from B class students select either a humanitarian or a scientific studies course in addition to their general education, which they follow till the end of C Class. There are 59 students,26 girls and 33 boys.


The teaching staff (10 teachers) has a close relationship with the students that allows them to know better their educational or their personal needs and their family status as well. So, we provide to the weakest students extra support to the weakest students all school year long. Furthermore, we encourage our students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as various students’ competitions (EUROSCOLA etc.), sport events (National School Championship), or projects, such as eTwinning, environmental or cultural programmes etc. in order to develop creative and critical thinking or problem solving.

ZSP in Szydłow is a tertiary vocational school. They offer cooking, mechanic and agricultural classes and students learn English and German.

The school is in a rural area and their situation iposes more challenges than for urban schools.

The school has about 200 students. Most of them live in the surrounding rural area and don't have as many opportunities for international contact.

The school recognises that some of their students do not haveinternet at home so can only use it at school. This is the reason why their IT skills are not as well developed.


The staff and teachers are very active, working additional hours to help the students achieve better marks and be better integrated. The teachers organize many activities which motivate the students to learn languages and use IT.

Šiaulių “Romuvos” gimnazija is an upper-secondary school which provides general education. Currently 660 students and 60 highly-qualified teachers are enrolled in the educational process.

 The students are generally in the age range from 15 to 19. The curricula of different subjects provide integrated, individualized and differentiated education which motivates the students, develops their personalities, encourages them to participate and win in different regional and national contests, competitions and Olympiads.

The gymnasium has participated in various local, regional and international projects such as Comenius, Nordplus, UNESCO and others. Project activities broaden the students’ horizons, teach them to respect diversity, increase their intercultural awareness and give an opportunity to the school community to develop an innovative approach to teaching/ learning.


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