Erasmus+ SHARE

Our project is about promoting a healthy lifestyle in order to promote better learning.



- to create materials for teachers to enable them to help their students lead healthier life styles through diet, relaxation, sport and avoiding addictive substances by seeking alternative, safe 'high's with physical activity. We are also keen to disseminate our ideas to teachers involved with teaching refugees as we feel that the SHARE objectives are particularly relevant to them, in order to help integration into the local community. Materials will include a film and an e-book.

- to train students as ambassadors to help teachers to deliver these materials and become role models who their peers and younger students will look up to and follow. In this way, young people will enjoy their studies more and perform better thus improving their grades and their chances of gaining future employment and continuing with their studies.

- to reduce early school leaving and improve achievement by making students more healthy and therefore more focused on their learning and more motivated to achieve.

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